Our Schedule

Thursday……11:00 A.M.- 9:00 P.M.

Friday…………11:00 A.M.- till

Saturday……11:00 A.M.- till

Church Tours

Friday – Saturday
12NOON – Guided Church Tour
2pm – Guided Church Tour
4pm- Lecture “Worship in the Ancient Church”
6pm – Guided Church Tour
7pm – Guided Church Tour

Please gather in the pews of the Church 5 minutes prior to each presentation.

The Church will remain open for prayer and “self-guided tours” throughout the Greek Festival.

Times for tours and lectures are posted in the entrance of the Church

Omega Greek Dancers

The Omega Greek Dance Group is the Transfiguration of Our Savior Greek Orthodox Church youth dance group. It is a subgroup within GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America), a ministry to junior high and high school grade Orthodox Christian teenagers throughout America.

The dance group currently consists of teens and preteens ranging from 11 to 18 years old and is coached by Kristy Fowler Gioldasis. Kristy has been involved in Greek dancing since early childhood. She started as a dancer at the festival in her youth and participated in the Hellenic Dance Festival during adolescence and early adult list. She has been leading the GOYA aged group since 2014.

Dancers: Olivia Perivolaris, Katherine Putnam, Eliana Kampiziones, Samantha Keretsis, Sophia Perivolaris, Evan Kremydas, Katie Kampiziones, Christina Tassios, Demi Kanos, and Alex Krasias.


6:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

1:30 PM

4:00 PM

6:00 PM

7:30 PM

Olympia Greek Dancers

The Olympia Greek Dance Troupe is made up of Elementary school aged kids within the Transfiguration of Our Savior Greek Orthodox church. The group ranges from 1st to 5th grade students.

The group is instructed be Elliana Kampiziones. Elliana has participated in dancing for the Greek festival since early childhood, and competed in the Hellenic Dance Festival in 2023. This is the first year she is instructing the youth dancers.

Dancers: Gabriel Coman, Peter Coman, Kingsley Conroy, Jack Doulaveris, Alexander Green, Sophie Kearney, Matthew Marina, and Veronica Tassios.


6:00 PM1:00 PM

5:30 PM

7:00 PM

Live Music

Live entertainment services provided by Pasxalis & crew!